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    Rules (Read carefully)

    [QUOTE=||ESA||BRAVO;9165]Tournament Specifications:
    • Game Version: SWAT4 1.1 (To download it >> Click here <<)
    • Game Mode: RapidDeployment
    • The first match week will start at 1st May 2015

    • Tournament - Official name "||ESA|| SWAT4 v1.1 RD Tournament".
    • Server - SWAT4 game server hosted by angelfire.
    • Team - clan/team/community signed in tournament according to sign in rules below.
    • Player - member of team signed in tournament or tournament forum user.
    • Bug - game defect made not purposely by game developers.
    • Cheat - modified game file or other files used in match to make advantage to player (excluded communication software).
    • Spawn - Reborn of all players in match (time period 3 seconds from reborn at reborn area).

    Gameplay Rules:
    1. Spawncamping /-killing /-nading is NOT allowed in the first 3 seconds after respawn, unless an active bomb is nearby!
    2. Camping and window shooting is allowed on all maps, except front windows on Foodwall, Window near WC in Red Library(nades + shooting)!
    3. Cheating is prohibited. Anticheat: Antics . (Install of Antics: just copy the one file to Swat4/Content/System/)
      (Penalty: Disqualification of the entire team!)
    4. Bugging is NOT allowed. Gliding through a closing door, or arresting/freeing through a closed door is not considered as a bug, as it may happen unintended.
      (Penalty: Lost round on first incident. Match forfeit on second incident! Some bugs may be considered as cheat, like taking shortcuts through bugjumps!)
    5. The use of proxy or VPN connections leads to the immediate disqualification of the whole team!
    6. Any player try to represent more than one team, will be disqualify from the tournament and anyone helped him.
    7. Double-switch is not allowed. The player who use double switch will be force view immediately for a 1:30 min(3 respwans) in first incidence, on second incidence round will be forfeit and given to the other team!
    8. Misbehaviour on server (spamming in public chat ("T"), namecalling etc.) is forbidden, as well as in forum. Continuous violations of this rule may lead to the exclusion of the player from the match or even tournament.
    9. Only referees may use the admin login! Referees may not start the round earlier!

    Additional info about Rule 3 (Anticheat):
    Some examples for cheating: SpawnTimer, 180-turn, togglebehindview, nogasmask-overlay, VIP voice, ... and of course the classic cheats aimbot, no recoil, radar, ...
    Console commands: shot, obj garbage, flush, stat net, stat fps, netspeed, handsdown are allowed.
    Subtitles are allowed.

    Match Rules:
    1. 2 maps 2 rounds
    2. Both maps have to be chosen at the beginning of the match, referees should not start the match before both teams declare their maps! The first mentioned team chooses and plays their map first, the other team decides about starting as suspects or SWATs!
    3. Roundtime: 10 minutes
    4. Time between rounds: 1.30 minute
    5. Match Date: Teams have 1 week time to play their scheduled match. If they didn't agree on a date until Saturday in the current match-week, the organizers will set a date on Sunday.
    6. Number of Players: Minimum 4vs4. Less than 4 players make it count as "no show" (0:4 loss), if both teams lack players, for both teams!
    7. Player Drop: If a player drops during match, the match continues. IF 4th player doesn't join before the current round ends, the current round and the remaining rounds are awarded to the team with full squad on server!
    8. 2NoShow=Kick: Two no shows and/or match forfeits will lead to a kick from the tournament. All matches (also the ones that have been played) will be counted as a 0:4 loss!
    9. Referee's are the responsible of every match, referees' decisions will applied as long they are within the rules.
      Note about 9: referees can postpone their decision after the match if they need to look to chat log or they are not sure about some rules.

    Sign Up:
    1. Deadline to sign in is 24th.April.2015
    2. It's a Team-based tournament.
    3. If a clan doesn't have enough active players, he can form a team together with other clans that are missing players as well.
    4. Each team needs at least 6 players signed up.
    5. Provide xfire ID or steam of your players. The players have to use one of their registered ingame names in matches to avoid confusion.
      If a player does not use xfire/steam, give us his location (= country they live in) and a nickname they used on one of our servers![/I]
    6. When your team gets accepted, it will appear >>here<<, you can also add a page for you team Here, its optional. Any posts not related to adding or removing players from your squad count as spam.
    7. Can I add players after the match: When you let play someone in a match that is not yet registered for your team, you have to register this player at last on the next day!
      This goes along with the risk that this player does not match the tournament standards, which would lead to a match forfeit!
    8. All players MUST use their registered names in their sign up post!
    9. No offensive Team- or Player-names allowed!
    10. We reserve the right to not allow certain players/teams in our tournament that we see they will create problems!

    Maplist (Regular):
    1. MP-ABomb
    2. MP-FairfaxResidence
    3. MP-Foodwall
    4. MP-MeatBarn
    5. MP-DNA
    6. MP-Casino
    7. MP-RedLibrary
    8. MP-Training
    9. MP-Hospital
    10. MP-ArmsDeal
    11. MP-AutoGarage
    12. MP-PowerPlant
    13. MP-Tenement
    14. MP-Courthouse
    15. MP-Hotel
    16. MP-JewelryHeist
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    Red Library map:

    Window opposite the swat spwan(near WC) is not allowed to shoot or nade throw.
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    Pls update section about match rules after custom maps have been (unfortunately) removed. Two or three maps are played? If the latter, who chooses the third map?

    [16:20] RAVO: 2 maps per match
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    sry I was busy yesterday with the 3 matches.
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    Rules are updated
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